Bass taps 2017

March, 2018

Hello all, after this long snowy winter the good news is we have less than 6 weeks before our first qualifier of the season on beautiful Lake Lillinonah and I’m sure everyone is anxious to get back on the water!

I am pleased to see membership is increasing. Along with new anglers joining the club, we are also welcoming back some past members. There will also be some new rigs heading out on the water this season. I wish everyone luck with the new boats.

For any of our new members that are not familiar with LIB and our scheduling you will see that our first three tournaments are in Connecticut, this is because opening day for bass in NY is not until June 2nd which will be our first electric boat qualifier on Blydenburgh lake.

Blydenburgh is a partner draw tournament, the reason we still have a partner draw is with the hopes of getting people to fish with different partners and perhaps meet a new fishing partner. This is also a chance for any new members to fish with a past member. This is a great chance for new members to pick up a tip or two as lots of these guys have been fishing Blydenburgh for decades. Then again you could get stuck with me as I’ve yet to have a stellar day there.

Along with the remaining qualifiers we will also be holding a few open tournaments, we start with the Earl Glasshagel, then a big bass derby in the fall and we end the season with a three-day winter series.

We will also be having a four-hour kid’s tournament on the Saturday before Father’s Day. The kid’s Tournament is open to any member who has a kid under 16 that they want to fish with.

Long Island Bassmasters 2018 season is looking to be a good one!  I am looking forward to working with everyone to keep LIB the great fishing club that it is.

Tom Jermyn


The President's Line
by President Tom Jermyn

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