Bass taps 2017

July, 2018

Hello all, 

I would like to start off by thanking everyone who helped make this seasons Earl Glasshagel a success. With Dominick leading the way (no small task by any means) Long Island Bassmasters was able to raise $4,000 for St Jude’s children’s Hospital. As well as being a great opportunity to give something back while doing something that we all love, it is also a great platform for LIB to gain exposure and hopefully increase membership. This will allow us to continue to run this great event in years to come.

This year we also ran a small kids Tournament on Blydenburgh Lake, although it was only 4 boats it was nice to get the ball rolling again.

Hopefully with increased membership we will have more participation in future Kids Tournaments as well as all our open tournaments. 

At our June board meeting we were visited by a past LIB member Frank Lapinsky. Frank is acting as an ambassador for long Islands fresh water anglers and asked if it would be ok to use our members to add to his list of names that he will use to petition the county on various issues regarding opening more lakes for us to fish as well as protecting the lakes we now fish.

The board members felt this is something LIB should be involved in and I’m sure all members will feel the same.

Frank said there are many lakes that are closed for angling for no specific reason and feels with more involvement and petitioning we can get some of these lakes opened up for us. LIB looks forward to working with Frank on these upcoming endeavors, it certainly would be nice to have a few more lakes to fish here on Long Island.

Hope everyone is having a great summer, see you on the water, 



The President's Line
by President Tom Jermyn

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