forge pond 2nd tourney: 9/9/2018                

Winning Boater:
Winning Rider:

Time: 6am-2pm

Type: Largemouth bass
Motor size: Electric only
Size limit: 12 inches
Limit: 5 fish per man

Forge Pond is one of Long Island's premier fishing spots for largemouth bass. For the last decade, the average catch rate for Angler Diary Cooperators has been about one bass for every two hours of fishing effort.

From the access site anglers can either steer downstream to fish the main pond or upstream to fish the river. The numerous small coves, overhanging trees, and lily pad beds are prime cover for big bass and monster chain pickerel. A small boat is extremely helpful in reaching these features. Six to eight pound bass are reported from the river every year. Forge Pond also offers excellent fishing for sunfish. Crappies and yellow perch are also present, but in lower numbers.

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