winchester lake: completed

Winchester Lake is nestled in the heart of northwestern Connecticut's elegant Litchfield County. At 229 acres, the crystal clear water of the lake offers visitors and residents plenty of opportunity for fishing and boating. Although the forested shoreline is fairly developed with private homes, visitors can gain access to the awaiting water through a public boat launch on the southern shore adjacent to the Winchester Lake dam.

Winchester Lake is a manmade lake created by a dam on the headwaters of the East Branch Naugatuck River completed in the late 1920s. The lake averages nine feet deep with a maximum depth of 17 feet. Most of the deep water is in the southern end of the lake near the dam. The northern end of the lake is fairly shallow. Rather than cut the trees in the area when the dam was first constructed, engineers allowed the forest to flood and later cut the tree tops during winter ice. Today submerged trees and stumps abound throughout the lake. Although a bit of an obstacle course for boaters, the lake is known for its largemouth bass and northern pike. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection began stocking northern pike into the lake in 2005. Anglers are now reporting pike exceeding the state's 26-inch size limit, with many of these fish reaching 36 inches. The dam is a popular spot for fishing, but anglers should use heavy line to deal with the numerous underwater snags. Note: Although most fish taken from Connecticut lakes and streams are safe to eat, refer to the Connecticut Fish Consumption Advisory (link below) before eating fish caught from any Connecticut waterway.

Winchester Lake's beautiful setting, varied shoreline and rocky coves make if a favorite destination for boaters and paddlers. An eight MPH limit on motorboats keeps the water calm and peaceful. Due to the abundance of submerged trees, flat bottom boats, canoes and kayaks will have the easiest passage across the lake. For those who would like to spend some time in the area, vacation rentals and private real estate are abundant as well as additional lodging in the nearby city of Winsted.

Winner: Jay Stikliickas: 19.52 lbs (Wow!)
Winning Boater: Jay Sticklickas
Winning Rider: Dave Cangro: 5.69 lbs
Lunker: Jay Stiklickas: 6.17 lbs

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Time: 6:00 am - 2:00 pm
Type: Largemouth and smallmouth bass
Motor size: Up to 250 horsepower
Size limit: 12 inches
5 fish per man
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