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Anglers, get out your extension cords and battery chargers, we are getting close to launch. Here is the schedule for 2018.

2018 Season News: March
LIB is happy to announce many new members have joined the club to start the season. We invite other tournament fishermen and women to come and join them.

2017 End of Season News:
Congratulations to Chris Weber for winning the 2017 LIB Classic on Greenwood Lake. Click here for full details.

Dan McGarry (President of LIB) clinches his 50th
LIB Tournament win, at Lake Saratoga. An amazing achievement. Congratulations.

Will be coming soon. What here for details and downloads.

The Long Island Bassmasters is proud to announce it's exciting new
multi-division tournament format we started in 2017 was a success and we are continuing it through 2018. It had been difficult for too long for anglers with only a small electric boat or large gas boat to be competitive in Long Island freshwater bass fishing clubs. Ours included. Well, our LIB board and club members decided to do something about it. We wanted to find a way for EVERY angler (even if they didn't own a
boat) to join our club and be competitive. Have a chance to win Boater or Rider of the year trophies in either the Electric or Gas Division or both. Even have a shot at Angler of the Year. No other LI club offers that flexibility. Actually, you can fish in only one or both divisions. That's your choice. Most of the gas lakes we fish in upstate NY or CT can be fished with an electric boat. That's up to the boater. And for anglers that don't own a boat, we do our best to find you a backseat for as many tournaments as possible. We want every club member to have a great experience. Below is the 2017 format. It won't change in 2018. Our next club meeting is April 12th at the VFW Hall in Lake Ronkonkoma. All the details are on the Contact page. You can join the club at any time during the season, but why wait, there are 12 great tournaments planned for 2017, plus our Earl Glasshagel Benefit Tournament (6/24) or Winter Series, starting in late Oct., and this year a Big Bass tournament 
being held on Forge Pond on 9/30/2018. It's open to the public, so

contact our President: Tom Jermym if you're interested:

So come and meet us. It's a lot of fun.

   NY BASS Chapter Federation Application Form for Membership

Catch this tip (click here):
how to catch bass in cold weather
Written by Hank Parker

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