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Guys, help us look like a real club. Order your LIB tourney shirt. You have enough Senkos!                                 Order yours today.

Go to:
to see options. Call customer service at: 1.888.604.6644
. Ask to order the LIB template. 

Our shirts are:
Banded Zipper  $89 (base price)
Short sleeve (long sleeve cost a bit more)

NOTE: You may customize the collar: Std is blank but you can add your boat type at no additional coast.

   NY BASS Chapter Federation Application Form for Membership

Catch this tip (click here):
how to catch bass in cold weather
Written by Hank Parker

Special thanks
 : to Brendan MillerickDanica Killelea, Damian Martinez and Farmingdale College for their time, effort, and wonderful design work, creating the new LIB Website. See our Tribute page for more details.

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