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Guys, help us look like a real club. Order your LIB tourney shirt. You have enough Senkos!                                 Order yours today.

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to see options. Call customer service at: 1.888.604.6644
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Our shirts are:
Banded Zipper  $89 (base price)
Short sleeve (long sleeve cost a bit more)

NOTE: You may customize the collar: Std is blank but you can add your boat type at no additional coast.

     We made minor change to the upcoming Tournament:
The August 5th Tournament at Fort Pond will start at 5:30 and end at 1:30 

The Long Island Bassmasters 24th annual Earl Glasshagel Charity Tournament was a complete success. We raised $3952 for St. Jude Children's Hospital.
Team Tom Schlicter and "Lunker" Dave Lengyel took first place with 10.65 lbs. 2nd place went to Greg Bottomy and Brian and 3rd place was won by 
George Kowalinski and Chris Nehlen. Richard Ricardo had a 4.65 lb Lunker.
We had a full 30-boat field.

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how to catch bass in cold weather
Written by Hank Parker

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