Bass taps 2018

September 2018

Hey guys,

Well the summer is winding down along with the LIB season. It looks to be a close race for all 3 awards. AOY, BOY, and ROY all appear to be coming down to the wire. With only a couple more tournaments left it should be interesting to see the final outcome. Best of luck to all who are still 

in the race.

The fishing on Long Island seems to be seeing more and more pressure which in turn leads to fewer and smaller limits being weighed in at tournaments. What once took 14-16 pounds to win on some lakes now might only take 9 -10. It seems that if you can put that one decent fish in your bag it will put you in contention for the win or at least Lunker. I don’t know if we will ever have the days I’ve only heard about from some of the long-time members here on Long Island again. I just go out and fish with the realization that the lakes are rarely going to produce those big bags of yesteryear, we are all fishing on a level playing field, and I might only need a few good fish to win a tournament. 

I know there are still plenty of big fish to be caught on the Island because I know guys who have caught quite a few 4, 5, 6 and some close to 7-pound fish this season. However, with so much fishing pressure those Biggins are becoming harder to catch during a tournament, but still a lot of fun trying!

Those of you who are reading this obviously noticed the newly designed website thanks to Chris. Chris will educate those of us (myself included) who are not familiar with how a blog works at our next general meeting, but what a blog can do (organically) is attract people to our website who weren’t looking for us in the first place. This will be good for more exposure and hopefully get people to stop in at a meeting and possibly join.

See you on the water, 


The President's Line. 

By Tom Jermyn

The President's Line. By Tom Jermyn