Bass taps 2018

November/December 2018

Well fellas that’s a wrap on the 2018 season. With this past season being my first as President of LIB I believe it was a successful one and hope you feel the same. I am pleased with the direction the club seems to be heading in and looking forward to upcoming seasons. This past season we had a dozen qualifying tournaments with one being a great weekend on Saratoga Lake. We also hosted another successful Glasshagel where we raised $4,000 for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital and were also able to resurrect the kid’s tournament on Blydenburgh as well as run a Big Bass open on Fort Pond. We only managed 4 boats for kids tourney and 7 for Big Bass however, I’m sure both will increase in attendance with each passing season due to our new and improved web page and an increased presence on social media. We had a decent turnout for our 2018 winter series unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative and made for some seriously tough fishing. 

For future years we will be discussing moving at least one of the days in the series off-Island hoping for better fishing. We are presently a club with some great young anglers along with lots of seasoned veterans making it anyone’s day at any given tournament. During the season, some new rivalries were formed along with some great new friendships. This season we also ran into a few issues along the way at a couple of tournaments, some of these were discussed and others were not but hopefully, they will be worked out before the start of next season. During the off-season, the Board and I will be discussing ideas on how to grow the club as well as how to maintain our current membership. The Board meetings are not closed to board members only if any member has an issue they would like to discuss at a board meeting they just need to let us know at a general meeting prior to attending the board meeting. I realize that some ideas implemented work while others fail and that with increased membership come increased problems and I understand that I will never to be able to keep all members happy at all times. I always try to put the club first and will continue to do so in the future, and hopefully in doing so I can keep the majority of members pleased.

Frank Lapinsky and I attended a LIFFAC meeting last week and started discussing how we need to be more active on matters regarding Long Island waters and Bass fishing. Hopefully with greater numbers of Bass anglers voicing their concerns, we can encourage the DEC to help us out half as much as they do for the trout fisherman. Moving forward I would like to see LIB and its members become a voice that the DEC will give a little more recognition.

I would like to wish all the members and their families Happy Holidays! I hope to see everyone at our December meeting.


The President's Line. 

By Tom Jermyn

The President's Line. By Tom Jermyn