Bass Taps 2019

March/April 2019


Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing well. The winter season seems to drag on forever and the lack of fishing will drive most of us a little nuts. Over the winter we are all usually looking for something fishing related to entertain us and if we attend a few expos, watch some Major League Fishing and make a few unnecessary purchases that usually gets us close to the time we should start preparing for our upcoming season.

So with only a few weeks till our opening day on Lake Lillinonah now is the 

time to start getting our boats and tackle ready for upcoming season. It always seems like there are a million things to do . I’m sure some will have new additions to their boats such as Electronics, trolling motors or power poles. While some members might have pulled the trigger on a new boat and others might be building or rebuilding their old boats. There is always something on 

a boat that needs to be repaired or maintained.

We also have tackle preparation ( organizing hundreds of jerkbaits, crankbaits, topwaters, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and numerous other baits we might never use ) not to mention the 20 pounds of soft plastics needed to be sorted. There is also rod and reel cleaning and re-spooling. With a 4-5 month downtime there is plenty of time to get all these tasks accomplished however if you are anything like myself you will wait until a week or two prior to opening day and scramble to get everything ready. I feel I work better under pressure anyway.

This Season we will be going back to a partner Format while fishing for individual points either as a boater or a rider. This means that each boat will be fishing for 5 fish total. Some feel that this makes for a more enjoyable day while others would rather fish for their own fish. During the season if you choose you can fish for boater points from the back of the boat but not the other way around. This allows partners who switch it up between gas or electric boat to still remain competitive.

Unfortunately, this is last season MacDonald marine will be allowing tournaments out of their marina and as luck would have it they did not have any of the dates we needed this season available. Moving forward hopefully we can come up with a few smaller Lakes that are able to be fished with both gas and electric boats to hold some tournaments on. I am looking forward to fishing with everyone again and hope to see some new faces this season as well.

Good luck to all,


The President's Line. 

By Tom Jermyn

The President's Line. By Tom Jermyn